UI/UX Frontend Designing

Get a UI/UX that is attractive that your competitors

UI/UX frontend design is what impact the smooth experience when any visitor lands on the website. Raga Designers is the best UI/UX frontend design company in Chennai, India. The whole design and features would not matter if the front end design is not easy to use and lets the visitor find what they are looking for.
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UI/UX Frontend Designing

Raga Designers Company is based out of Anna Nagar, Chennai. UI (User Interface) is designing everything with which a person may interact on a website into an information device and UX (User Experience) is designing thinking about the optimization of the website for smooth and functional usage. We provide the best quality services and we are stand high for our timely delivery. We are experienced in perfectly designing and delivering UI/UX Frontend Designing. We are a static designing company as well as a dynamic designing company in Chennai.

How we do

UI/UX frontend designing has the following in its designing process:


Defining and researching the UI/UX required and competitor mapping is one of the primary steps while designing. Detailed research on the scope and requirements is carried out to result in the best UI/UX frontend design.


Based on the findings of the research and needs expressed a strategy is then formulated to build a suitable design for your frontend.

UI UX Design

UI/UX design is then designed using the strategy developed and modified to suit any necessary changes.


Development of the design is then carried out along with testing and making sure there are absolutely no glitches or errors and the design is user-friendly.

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HTML Web App Browser Compatibility

HTML is basically the Hypertext Markup Language. This is used to structure and present content on the world wide web and is a markup language. This is the most commonly used language for most applications developed or even website and it is of huge importance that any web browser should be HTML compatible. Most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE are compatible. We have then compared how each web app browsers are compatible with HTML. The developed designs are compatible with most HTML web app browsers. Below is the list of how compatible each of them is:

90% of HTML Web App Chrome Compatible

80% of HTML Web App Firefox Compatible

75% of HTML Web App Opera Compatible

20% of HTML Web App IE Compatible

Why Choose Raga Designers for Your UI/UX?

Any business gets in more crowd from the user-friendly User interface design, it makes the customer more comfortable to go through the company services and clients. Without a proper UI the website and apps are of no use. Our UI experts at raga designers are trained and experienced in making such user-friendly UI front-end designing and we stand the best UI designing company in Chennai for our dedicated services and affordable cost for the services. We design UI/UX frontend make it appealing to the customers as they might interact with the business.


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