Screen Printing Services

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Screen printing is a new advanced printing technology wide spread in the present world. At Raga Designers our customers are given an experience that satisfies them with our work and makes them want to collide with us again for the same.


Screen Printing Services

Screen printing is a technique that prints a design by having the ink transferred to a substrate except the impermeable areas by using a blocking edge. Raga Designers Company is based out of Anna Nagar, Chennai. We use machines that help the printing effective using a blade which is moved over the screen in order to fill the unblocked surface of the printing application. We do screen printing services at the most affordable cost. Strokes are given so as to retain the line of contact with the surface. Detailing on the screen printing is technically handled by the professional’s at raga designers so that proper printing service is provided to the customer. We provide best quality services and we are stand high for our timely delivery. Delivery of multi-colored pattern and page definitions are made to be delivered to the end customers with the detailing of pattern and content to be made.

List of Our Screen Printing Services

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A suspension PVC, which flows as a liquid to be poured on a mold at heat to make printings happening on the surface material.

Discharge Inks

The ink here is directly discharged over the surface or it is used as baseline for Plastisol as required by customer.


Flocking is done on the short rayon, cotton and wool fibers and added to adhesive coats to make printing clear and glossy.

Water-based Ink

Water based ink print designs are less popular nowadays and we still do it for demanding customers with the finest technology.

Other Applications

All types of service for screen printing is done.

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In today’s market screen printing is the booming technology and development, at raga designers we implement even the newest at the ease of most practiced. We provide best quality services and we stand high for our unique design and timely delivery. Our services include printing and delivery. We put forth all the latest innovative ideas and techniques with the help of customer’s interest and availability to meets delivery expectations. We do screen printing services at the most affordable cost. We make sure our customer is fully satisfied with the work and make possible changes and replacements as and when expected. We stand in the top 10 place for the best screen printing Service Company in India.


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