Magazine Advertising

A new era to publicize the products in the digital aspect.

At Raga Designers magazine advertisement is one of the most popular marketing services serving huge sum of clients in the business world. While often magazine advertising is considered one of the large, glossy forms of publications made over big brand images. We stand within the top 10 place for the best magazine designing company in Tamil Nadu, India.
We will help you promote such brand profit images and help you sustain the forge in the market.


About Magazine Advertising in India

Advertising with magazines can be made with print ads which run at local and national print services. At Raga Designers we make this easy with an experience of high-level content on your product and we make folding edges meet for the successful promotion of your business. Raga Designers Company is based out of Anna Nagar, Chennai. We provide the best quality services and we are stand high for our timely delivery. We have clear communication drives to ensure the strategy of magazine ads to maximize our target audience. We do magazine advertising designs at the most affordable cost. We have the options of monthly and weekly magazines in which we allow our customer to select any scheme of their choice.

Advertising options in Magazines

We offer a monthly subscription magazine to advertise business connects all over and publicize market essentials. Our creative team of designers makes out-of-box kinds of stuff which make us unique from others. According to the subscriptions we rely on the tech team to support develop the customer content. We also have the premium advertising spots reach with inclusive. We differentiate with respect to full cover and page cover designs. In the case of our customer’s long support, we also provide complimentary page cover. Raga Designers is the best magazine designing company in Chennai, India

Monthly Readership

Every monthly subscription will enclose the quick-serve basics to reach out people’s attention as and when desired. It encloses the content requested by the customer to promote the product at a global level. We provide the best quality services and we are stand high for our timely delivery.

Full-color Publication:

We provide the best quality services and we are stand high for our timely delivery. One among the best-selling subscription which comprises only on the product promotions of all the corporate significant. Business deals and on to go product descriptions are mentioned in these sections. We stand in the top 10 places for the best offline marketing company in India.

Advertising Rates:

We provide affordable costing Raga designers since we understand the needs of our clients. Media collect competitors are compared to the price the ad at our company. Media kits that we offer contain the rates for an advertisement for a magazine. The affordable rate cards consist of package details such as for a reach of 1,000 people, we circulate a content advertisement of a product with relevant details respective to the content.

Ads formats and magazine ads:

Our creative team of designers makes out-of-box designs and concepts which makes us unique from others. Advertising formats for magazines come with a creative flexible and reliable format depending on the page size and content to feed. High impacts positions are given full page view while irrespective of the content mentioned by the customers in a gatefold covers. Our services include printing and delivery

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mong all the significant competitors in the market, we tend to provide our customers the satisfactory experience and the on-time content delivery which is now provident for our long-time survival in the market. We with-hold only the support of our customers and not their slots and manage defiance with all positives.


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