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POS software takes care of what normally a brick and mortar cashier would do, calculate the bill and the discounts, count the products and tell you the final bill, tally it and do the final transaction.


POS - Retail Software Solutions

A POS or a point of sale is the point at which a payment is made in exchange for products or services. Raga Designers Company is based out of Anna Nagar, Chennai. POS software takes care of what normally a brick and mortar cashier would do, calculate the bill and the discounts, count the products and tell you the final bill, tally it and do the final transaction. Except for the software completely eliminates the need for human interference and the whole process takes place without any errors or miscalculations. We do POS system works at the most affordable cost in Chennai. This software increases overall productivity. We provide POS software solutions for you to have stress free transactions made for your business and decreasing the billing time drastically. We provide the best quality services and we stand high in Chennai for our timely delivery.

Key Features

Easy to Install

Import Masters

Quick Billing

Barcode Design

Inventory Management

Multy Paymodes

Discount & Taxes

Dynamic Reports

Item Classifications

Financial Accounting

Credit Sales Management

Credit Notes for Sales Returns

Service Billing

User Access Rights

Simple User Interface

SMS & Email

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Smart POS Software

Raga Designers is a well-known POS software developing company in Chennai. When googled for the best POS software developing company in Chennai, we rank the top place for our dedicated work. Smart POS software developed is exactly what you need. Point of Sale software has key features to take care of sales, stock control, customer tracking, supplier tracking, online ordering, reporting etc. POS software data at a point of sale is sent to the corporate app, which then segregates and controls the data. The information is then relayed to the feedback app which feeds into online ordering again. Online ordering results in again resulting in a point of sale. Which is then again a vicious cycle. Smart POS software also has accounting & chain store online, GST and inventory tracking abilities. This is an affordable and useful for businesses which are of any size be it a small or a large business. We do smart POS software developing at a most affordable cost in Chennai.

Integrated Retail Software Solution from Production to POS

We are committed to providing the best-integrated software solution in Chennai, from production to the point of sale looking into all your needs. These are few of our offerings to you:

Tell Us What You Need

We will provide you software customized for all your needs, all you have to be tell us. Our software is adept at meeting all your requirements

Reach Out Anytime

We will provide you support and assistance at any time that you reach out to us. You can depend on us any time you have a question or even in case of any issues.

Get Going Fast

We make sure the turnaround is as short as possible so that you can get going quickly as we understand the fast-paced nature of your business and the need to have completed the task as soon as possible.

Why Choose Raga Designers for Your POS Softwar?

The point of sale software product development is done at Raga designers at the affordable cost in Chennai. Raga designers make sure your company goes to the next level and we try to extend our hand with the less time-consuming software products. POS software developed at Raga Designers, drives in more business and profit to the company. Our developers are all well trained and experienced in developing POS software. We are the best software developing company with the best software developers in Chennai.


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